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“These stories are delicate and devastating, by a fave NZ writer Leanne Radojkovich who writes my kind of fiction: deep, serious, playful, beautiful, moving.” Nuala O’Connor, author of NORA.

“There is nothing ‘showy’ about Radojkovich’s writing. These are the well-honed words of an expert.” takahē magazine

“these stories are like someone whispering a song you really want to listen to from across the room, you have to shut up and listen. You have to lean right in… You have to stay alert for clues in stories where a single sentence contains the key. Don’t blink, don’t miss it, Radojkovich has weighed every word and found it worthy.” Lucy Writers

“Full of insight into the human condition, with a poet’s eye for the natural world, these stories ripple out in ever widening circles.” Frankie McMillan (The Father of Octopus Wrestling: And Other Small Fictions)

What to do when the past crashes the present? It can happen anywhere. In carports and kitchens. On stairwells. Leanne Radojkovich’s protagonists meet truth and must decide whether to stand, fall or run.  

Reviewed by Rym Kechacha at Lucy Writers

Reviewed by Nod Ghosh at takahē magazine

Interviewed by Radio New Zealand, Standing Room Only

Interviewed by Rym Kechacha at Lucy Writers

This pukapuka was launched at the Auckland Writers Festival 2021.

First fox cover small

First fox
The Emma Press

“Sharp, true and always hinting at a larger world, the work has a fable-like quality… Devour this delightful book in one sitting then savour the stories all over again.” Frankie McMillan (My Mother and the Hungarians)

“… startlingly honest, warm and at times darkly humorous… Radojkovich shows us things that are not often spoken of aloud.” Literature Works UK

“… accessible, focused, and can deliver one hell of a punch.” Landfall Review 

Radio New Zealand, Standing Room Only Interview about First fox

This pukapuka was launched at the Auckland Writers Festival 2017.